How to Choose the Best Wedding Stylist for Your Special Day

How to Choose the Best Wedding Stylist for Your Special Day

You can finally say the words you’ve been dreaming of since you were a child: I’m getting married! You sit down to start planning your dream wedding and realize that you have no idea where to start! Suddenly, there’s so much to do, and both you and your fiancé are new to it all. When you start to feel overwhelmed about taking on the full-time job of “wedding planner,” consider hiring a wedding stylist who can (and will) cover all of the details of your wedding, no matter how large or small.

Interviewing Wedding Stylists

When it comes to choosing the best stylist, you’ll want someone who is compatible with you, who is timely, hardworking and trustworthy. While you’re interviewing for your wedding planner, make sure you ask them the questions that you’ll need answers to. For example, you’ll want a history of their experience, what kind of planning education they have received, and references from former clients. Interview as many stylists as you need until you find one that is perfect for creating your vision.

Hiring a wedding stylist may be an added cost, but when you factor in how much a wedding stylist can save you, it is worth it. The right wedding planner will save you time and stress while keeping you informed of your event throughout the entire process.

Choosing the Right Stylist for Your Wedding

The first place to start in choosing the best wedding stylist is to decide what kind of stylist you want, and how involved you would like them to be in planning your event. The first option is a venue coordinator. When you choose a place, you will be offered to use their coordinator, but make sure you know exactly what that means when it comes to the big day. Most venue coordinators will handle day-of issues and help you choose one of their preferred vendors, so they may not be as much assistance as you need.

If you’ve decided that you would like more planning help than just vendors and in-house resolutions, then look further into choosing a wedding stylist. If you would like your stylist to be in the background of things, consider a director. A wedding director will often come into the planning process at the “last minute” – about 30 days before your wedding, and finalize last minute details and contracts. Wedding directors manage the wedding day of to ensure it runs smoothly.

As you look into different types of wedding planners, you may decide you’d like someone who will be more hands-on with the planning. In this case, many stylists are certified and excited to help you plan your event and bring your vision to life.

Wedding stylists are available from day one of the planning process and will ensure you that you’re in expert hands. A wedding stylist will work with you every step of the way, creating the wedding that you’ve always dreamed of but may not have realized is possible, while working with all vendors and contracts, advising you of proper wedding etiquette, and keeping your event’s schedule on time.

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